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Have a look at some of the websites put online by StefanWorks

 The Woodshed Restaurant:

Sidney's latest and greatest new restaurant, the Woodshed. Serving west coast flavours cooked in a wood-fired oven, this restaurant is sure to be a hit. The website was designed to be consistent with the colour scheme of the restaurant and the logo created by Copra Designs. All photography on the website was done by myself, though a big thanks to the guys in the kitchen for preparing those great looking dishes. The site uses slide shows to display the images and also has downloadable menus as well embedded Google Maps. The Woodshed's website as well as social media will work great to get the word out about this trendy new restaurant.

 Spencer Plumbing:

A new addition to the Plumbing Industry on the Saanich Peninsula, Spencer Plumbing is looking to become 'Your Evening and Weekend Plumber'. A good friend of mine, Adam Spencer, recently went into business for himself and needed a company website. Adam is a treat to work with. He was highly motivated and very helpful in the creation of his site, giving me great constructive instruction and feedback. The site itself is clean and professional, as well as very informative. It is an instrumental part of Adam's business plan and I'm sure it will have a positive impact on Spencer Plumbing's local profile and growth.

 * Currently Offline - Cached site hosted HERE on StefanWorks *

 Beacon and Eggs:

The town of Sidney's newest breakfast restaurant needed a funky and fresh website that would reflect their unique style. I spoke with manager Darby McDonald, and she gave me free control to take photographs and design the site. After a polished draft which Darby was very happy with, she asked to have some small changes made and features added. These requests were implemented promptly. Overall the site is very clean and simple to use. It features all of Beacon and Egg's menus, a gallery of restaurant photographs, and directions including embedded Google Maps. Those who come to the site will find everything they need and Beacon and Eggs couldn't be happier with their new site.

 * Closed in early 2013 - Cached site hosted HERE on StefanWorks *

 Dockside Grill:

Working as a server at the Dockside Grill, I took upon the task of building an official website for the restaurant. I spent a short time with manager Ashley Halkett drafting up the design and function of the website. The finished website includes "News" and "Events" sections which are updated as needed, and a "Menus" section which is updated every Tuesday with Dockside's Weekly Menus. Having an official site has helped those looking for information on Dockside Grill find exactly what they need, from location to current events, and even printable menus.

 * Closed in March 2012 - Cached site hosted HERE on StefanWorks *


The Italian Cycling Tours, ValleTours, is run by my parents Gordon and Anita Litster. Having run the tours for many years by just telephone, email, and face to face correspondence, the website has been of huge benefit to them. It helps them cut back on work, and simply redirect most general inquires to the website, where visitors can find almost all the information they need and even see pictures and letters from the former guests. While they still prefer to meet all their prospective guests in person, the website has made the tour advertising so much easier and increased ValleTours credibility as a business.