There are many components to a plumbing system and understandably most are unknown to many homeowners.

First of all, there are a few certain items that I feel should be brought to every homeowner's attention:


- The number one cause of floods in a residential home are the water lines supplying water to your fixtures and appliances. For example, the laundry washer supply hoses, the supply tubing from the shut-off valves under your sink/basin up to your faucet, the supply tube to your toilet, and the supply line to your dishwasher. Many of these are simple plastic tubing that are slowly becoming more and more brittle. Replacing all of these is recommended every five years. On some of the new laundry washer supply hoses, the printing on the side quotes "replace every five years".


- Hot water tanks simply aren't built the way they used to be and are constantly increasing in price. To get the most out of your hot water tank, read the instruction manual that comes with it because it has very useful information that can significantly extend the life of the tank. In every new hot water tank is a "sacrificial anode rod" that extends three feet inside the tank from the top down. To put it simply, it protects and extends the life of your tank, and should be replaced annually. When it is expired, the next thing to be eaten away is your tank and piping! Anodes should be replaced annually, just as the replacement of zinc anodes on marine vessels are.


- We gladly do maintenance programs with many of our customers.