"I grew up in North Saanich and Sidney...

At a very young age I developed a deep respect for the Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands as I knew how fortunate I was to have grown up here. After traveling the country and working the trade, it didn't take long to realize that the best place to be, year round, is right here on the Saanich Peninsula. Plumbers in BC, and especially on the island, have a tremendous reputation for quality workmanship, safety, and reliability. When it comes to large construction projects, the local union of plumbers and pipe-fitters produce an outstanding mechanical system and a top notch finished product. But when it comes to small and medium projects, as well as service jobs, homeowners benefit the most from local independent companies. I've worked along side the best in the business and the best in their generations. From each of those experienced journeymen, I've assembled the best ethics in the trade. From the moment I answer your phone call, to the moment I polish up your finished product, you will have my utmost attention. Your approval will be my ambition. Having worked for many different companies, local or abroad, I've learned a great deal about what a customer expects and needs. Some companies are owned by businessmen who do plumbing, and some are owned by plumbers who excel at plumbing, but not at business. This is why I've taken on the challenge of developing a plumbing business that has the perfect balance between the smooth, efficient transaction of a great business and the trustworthy, quality workmanship of a master plumber.

To maintain that balance, I need to pay absolute attention to the response I get from my customers. I truly welcome any positive or negative comment."