Spencer Plumbing is a new addition to the Plumbing Industry on the Saanich Peninsula.

Having a plumber who is also the owner and operator of the company insists that each and every service will be consistent with the next. When quality workmanship, trust between client and plumber, efficiency, and reasonable pricing is striven for every time, the outcome is a smooth business transaction and satisfied clients.

The idea of Spencer Plumbing is unlike the average.  The idea is to work in unison with other local contractors, share knowledge in the trade, and to ultimately achieve a successful and powerful local industry. Spencer Plumbing contributes to this idea by being available to the public on evenings and weekends when it is most convenient to most homeowners and when other contractors are closed or will charge overtime rates. When a job is unsuitable for Spencer Plumbing or for evening and weekend work, we will gladly assist in rescheduling with other local companies free of charge to make sure your plumbing problems are solved by adequate and experienced local Red Seal Journeymen Plumbers.

We pride ourselves in being conscientious. We know nobody really wants someone they don't know tinkering about in their home, which is why our reputation is and always will be friendly and respectful. Word of mouth is our asset.